What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Paypal and most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

What do I do if I have problems with my order?

If you have problems with your order please Contact Us first thing. Then we can help you get your questions and concerns resolved quickly.

Is your site secure?

Yes. Our site is hosted on secure servers and the checkout process is encrypted for your protection.

What if I'm looking for an item that you don't currently carry?

Due to our ever expanding product line an item we carry may not yet be featured. If you can't find the item you are looking for please Contact Us with the product name and description and we will do what we can to help.

How can I get in touch with you if I have a question?

Please see the Contact Us page for information on getting a hold of us.

How do I clean my fishfinder?

Fishfinders are designed to last for years as long as they are properly taken care of. If fishing in salt water just simply wash the effected surfaces using a damp cloth with fresh water. To avoid corrosion to parts make sure to rinsed them off with fresh water. Use a chamois and mild non- abrasive mild cleaner when cleaning lens. Do not wipe if there is dirt or grease on the lens. Do not use chemical glass cleaner on the lens. Avoid scratching lens.

Does Garmin Echo 100 illustrate a path to previous hotspots?

The HD-ID target tracking technology refers to the unit's ability to show a more clear sonar image and the targets (fish) are more visible on the display. The Echo 100 does not have tracking or GPS capabilities.

I have lost my manual, where can I get another one?

You can find any fishfinder manual at http://produtools.com/d/manuals.php. The manuals are free to download to your computer. You can search any product not just fishfinders.

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