Simrad NSS8 8" Touch Screen Multi-Function Display

Simrad NSS8 8" Touch Screen Multi-Function Display

Simrad NSS8 8" Touch Screen Multi-Function Display
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Simrad NSS Sport - A Touch Simpler The all-new Simrad NSS Sport is the touchscreen multifunction display for recreational boaters who require a reliable, high-quality, fully integrated, navigation platform. Unlike other touchscreen devices, the NSS delivers Touch Sensible™ control, inbuilt performance Echosounder (NSS7 & NSS8) and GPS, and full network compatibility with all NS Series displays, devices and accessories.

Easy. Touch. Simple menus and icons developed alongside our Touch Sensible™ technology have ensured the NSS Sport delivers immediate access to every function in the quickest and easiest manner possible.

Panning charts, marking waypoints, and building routes can now be done with a simple touch on the screen, whilst ultra-fast zooming is performed with the super-smooth rotary controller.

Complete Control 100% compatible with every Simrad Performance Module, and easily linked to all of your electronics, the NSS Sport can be utilised as a complete command centre. Crank up the tunes on your SonicHub™, steer your autopilot, find more fish, and even set mood lighting - all from your NSS Sport.

Extreme Ease Of Use Simple menus and icons on the touchscreen guide you to the information you need, and the keypad includes 'one-touch' buttons for immediate access to important functions such as the autopilot. It's easy to use for everyone onboard.

Touch Sensible™ Technology Developed specifically for the marine environment, Touch Sensible™ technology is the combination of touchscreen, keypad, and super-smooth rotary controller. This perfect blend allows the NSS Sport to deliver unrivalled performance of every function with the simple touch of a finger in any sea state.

Powerfully Fast Charting The NSS Sport is a fast and efficient chartplotter. Panning the charts, marking waypoints, or building routes are easy with the touchscreen, whilst the smooth rotary controller enables ultra-fast zooming.

Expandable The NSS Sport is 100% compatible and networks effortlessly with every Simrad Performance Module including the award-winning Broadband Radar™, StructureScan™ and SonicHub™. It can also be integrated with NSE and NSO systems for the ultimate in flexibility.

Full Control And Integration Not only is the NSS Sport an outstanding chartplotter and fish finder, it's a complete command centre. Monitor your engine, steer your autopilot, turn on your bait well or bilge pump, or even set mood lighting ? it's all a touch simpler with the NSS Sport.

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